House Elevation

House elevation is critical in protecting the living areas of your home; it leaves only the foundations to receive exposure of flood waters. During the process, houses are raised, separated from their original ground level using a Unified Jacking System, and held by temporary supports while we build extensive new support underneath.

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House Leveling

House leveling, or “structural shoring," is the process by which a house’s foundation is equalized. The lowest points are brought to level or to the same elevation as its highest points, making the home safer and more able to withstand any turbulent storm situations. The Unified Jacking System is a hydraulic machine utilized by our skilled employees that allows the entire home to be raised on equal levels at a slow and steady pace.

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Foundation Repair

No job is too big or too small- we’ll take care of any of your foundation repair needs! Whether it’s pilings or patches, footings or floor joists, our team of experts can scope out the damage and take action! Call us any time for a quote - they’re free for homeowners!

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  • Dear Aldrete & Sons Family, It has been our biggest pleasure working with you all on the elevation of our home. From start to finish and even before and also after, you all have been in constant contact with both my husband and myself to make sure we were comfortable with the entire process. The first class service of your...

    Gayle & Shane Collins (Homeowners)

    4216 Tartan Dr. Metairie, LA

  • Aldrete & Sons raised my house in October of 2011. They helped me from the beginning with the paper work and stayed in contact with me over two years and five different mitigation analysis. The day I was called to say I finally got approved they started working on my house the next day. They were professional, committed and prompt....

    Tracey LeRouge (Homeowner)

    4225 Tartan Dr Metairie, LA

  • It is a pleasure to acknowledge the high level of professionalism exhibited throughout the elevation process of my house. Aldrete & Sons Shoring Co., Inc. exceeds the expected standards of the industry by providing its customers with expert workmanship and a competent project team. Every telephone call was answered and all questions were explained thoroughly and politely. The ethical caliber...

    Tammy Burst (Homeowner)

    1816 Mason Smith Avenue, Metairie LA

  • I have used the services of Aldrete & Sons Shoring twice and can attest to the quality manner of their workmanship. First time was in 1982, my home suffered from severe subsidence (19” in SE corner) and had to be lifted and leveled. The work was done in such a neat, clean and organized fashion we were hardly inconvenienced. I...

    Thora S. Godwin and Susan Godwin Tramontana (Homeowners)

    6420 Boutall St Metairie, LA